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QTPoC TAKE PRIDE BACK! Visibility in Action event to be held at City Hall in response to Philly Pride Presents Parade and Festival

19105532_1436891503057615_8112421496940622713_nFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

June 17, 2017

Media Contact:
Twitter: @EqC_Philly
Event Link:
Host: The Equality Coalition (EqC), soon to be known as The Equity Coalition (EqC)
Hashtag: #TakePrideBack
*Please note, this host and event is in no way related to the Facebook page “The Equality Coalition Campaign”


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: QTPoC TAKE PRIDE BACK! Visibility in Action event to be held at City Hall in response to Philly Pride Presents Parade and Festival.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – QTPoC, Trans & GNC folks, Queers, LGBTQIA+, and our Accomplices & Allies are holding an event to take back Pride and claim our space! We call for queer and trans visibility to counter the exclusionary narrative of corporatized Pride, to visibly show community members who have been excluded that there is a place at Pride for them, and that the fight for equity has not fallen into complacency.

The event will begin Sunday, June 18th at 10:30am at City Hall’s North Apron and will continue throughout the day.

It is imperative to publicly demonstrate the strength, endurance, and power in solidarity of the queer and trans communities and our accomplices in the resistance against the increased discrimination and violence towards our community perpetuated by the current political and social environment.

The corporate exploitation of our community along with the whitewashing in the media has brought us to diverge from the Philly Pride Presents Parade & Festival. The lack of inclusivity in the community has driven us from the spaces advertised to be our own.

Despite ongoing calls for accountability from the community members they purport to serve, Philly Pride Presents and their events have continually failed to acknowledge the immediate needs of a community facing discrimination and violence on a daily basis. The city has begun to take steps towards addressing these issues in direct response to the work of the Black and Brown Workers Collective (BBWC) and the community voices they helped to amplify. Philly Pride Presents has instead chosen to stay silent and unresponsive as community members face daily violence and discrimination, as community members seek space in the gayborhood only to be met with widespread anti-blackness, and as community members are murdered.

These events, these spaces, were created through the work driven and led by trans women of color and Philly Pride Presents refuses to honor this in the space they’ve created. This event is one contribution to a much greater community effort to provide a space for all that honors the historic work that allowed for Pride to come into existence.

As a group of trans & queer individuals and accomplices in the fight for justice and equity, we wish to participate in Pride, as is our place. Pride is not exclusive to Philly Pride Presents nor their official activities, but is a time and space for the entire community. We are hosting an event for those in the community who have been marginalized, excluded, and harmed by Philly Pride Presents and the community agenda promoted at such events.

-This is for historically marginalized communities that are still being oppressed.
-This is for the people who can’t afford to pay 15 dollars for an event because we are struggling to survive in an unjust system.
-This is for those who have suffered through anti-blackness in the gayborhood.
-This is for those who have been wronged and had to deal with transphobia in the community.
-This is for all those who have been silenced by the socially-engineered hierarchy within the LGBT community and the lack of justice.

We hope that the public visibility and representation at this event will help to reshape the media narrative of Pride and be a message to all of our community members who have been isolated, excluded, and discriminated against, that a community and a space is here.

Further information can be found on The Equality Coalition (soon to be known as The Equity Coalition) Facebook page at: Follow us on Twitter (@Eqc_Philly) for updated event information throughout the day.



Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera of S.T.A.R. at the Christopher Street Liberation Day, Gay Pride Parade, NYC, June 23, 1973
(Leonard Fink; Reprinted from National History Archives of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center)

Protest at Gay Rights Demonstration, Weinstein Hall, NYU Campus, 1970
(Diana Davies (Papers); New York Public Library Schwartzman Research Branch)

The Philly Trans Youth Q&A Series: Henry Sias

For Immediate Release

High Hopes with Henry Sias
Judicial Candidate hosts talk with Philly Trans Youth

The Equality Coalition of Philadelphia
May 3, 2017

Philadelphia, PA – Henry Sias, Judicial Candidate for the Court of Common Pleas, will join trans youth in a Q&A session at the William Way Center On Sunday May 7th at 2pm. Organized and led by trans youth, this free informational session will provide a platform for trans youth to ask questions relevant to their experiences, questions about how being transgender has impacted Henry’s career, and questions about the political and historical importance of Henry’s campaign.

“For the transgender youth community, I’ve found that it can be very powerful to interact with a successful trans adult, because we lack accessible role models.” reported Quentin Cruz, one of the event’s organizers. “This event provides an opportunity for trans youth to gain a role model, and learn more about Henry’s life experiences. I would love to see more events like this happen in Philly.”

The Sias campaign seeks to serve an important role in correcting the legal and social discrimination that many in the trans community face today. If elected, Henry will be the first transgender judge in Philadelphia and the third transgender judge in the nation. Through his presence as judge, he hopes to improve the culture in the courts as well as give hope to the transgender community.

“The event is important because any time trans people get together, the power of our existence is magnified,” Henry Sias notes. “We can replenish each other’s strength. We can stand stronger together. We can listen to each other and learn what is working in others’ lives, so that we can apply the lessons in our own lives in order to move forward faster. LGBTQ+ people have been systematically denied access to our elders because of bogus fears about “recruitment” and we are often kept from each other because of fears that we will be outed or face violence if we are in an identifiable group. What is actually violent, what is actually killing us, is the inability to stand together. It will help young people because young people need to see that they are not alone, and need to see that the future belongs to them. When I was younger, I had never heard of or seen a single successful, happy trans man (in fact, I had never seen an out trans man at all). I could not imagine a safe, successful future for myself. I couldn’t imagine that I, as a trans man, would ever be able to get married and have a good career, or contribute to my community and have my contributions recognized and valued. It’s vital that younger people see that there are beautiful futures available to them.”

Tickets for the event are available at Even though this event is open to all, priority will be given to trans youth attendance. The event organizers aim to make this a safe, respectful, and accessible space.  The space for the event has been donated by the William Way Center.

About Henry Sias

Henry Sias is a candidate for the Court of Common Pleas. He holds a Law degree from Yale University, and has spent time clerking for Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justices, Justice James J. Fitzgerald III, and Justice Jane Cutler Greenspan. He is also the co-founder of the non-profit, Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity.

About The Equality Coalition

The Equality Coalition is a Philadelphia-based all-volunteer organization of queer, trans, straight, and cis folks working to create positive change in the community through events, direct action, and individual and organizational collaboration.

To learn more about this event, please contact

Sam Marks


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